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Why recycle

We produce over 15,000 tons of rubbish everyday. It is only a matter of time before we run out of space to dispose of them. Recycling reduces waste, which in turn reduces the need for landfills and dumpsites.

Recycling reduces pollution and saves energy. Making
products from virgin or raw materials results in pollution
and uses more energy.

Recycling is cheaper in the long run compared to maintaining landfills and other systems. When recycling programmes
become more efficient, there will be less rubbish to dispose of.

Recycling creates up to 5 times more jobs than waste disposal alone. It will create jobs for engineers, machine specialists, environmental personnel, general workers and many more.

Recycling improves cleanliness and quality of life.

Breakdown of solid waste created by Malaysians


27 % Paper
36.5% Household waste               
3.9% Steel
3.7% Glass
16.4% Plastic
12.5% Others

Experts believe a landfill can last 10 years longer if Malaysians recycled 50% of their garbage The residents of Johor Bahru generate 1300 tons of waste every day.

It will take only 3 days to fill the entire length of the Johor Causeway with this amount of garbage.