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The setting tells us where and when the story takes place. It helps the author to create the proper mood and atmosphere.

There are two types of setting:

A Social setting refers to the time/period the story is set in.

B Physical setting refers to place.

Social Setting

The Pearl is set in small Mexican-Indian fishing village. Kino and the other villagers are poor fishermen and pearl divers. They live in brush houses. They lead very simple lives. They dive for pearls and sell these pearls to the pearl buyers in the town of La Paz.

    The Mexican Spanish live in La Paz. These are people with education and some wealth. The people who belong to this group are the doctor, the priest and the pearl buyers. They think they are better than the poor fisherman and pearl divers.

Physical Setting

The sea and the beach

The brush house

La Paz

The mountains

Settings, Related Events and Their Importance

The following are some of the main events and the places where they happened.

  1. Place: The sea and the beach

        Event: Kino finds the pearl.

        Importance: It is the beginning of his dreams and his troubles.

        Event: Juana tries to throw the pearl away.

        Importance: Kino attacks her. He has changed - he is obsessed with the pearl.

        Event: Kino is attacked.

        Importance: He is forced to kill his attacker and has to leave the village.

        Event: Kino throws the pearl back into the sea.

        Importance: It is the end of his dreams and his troubles.

   2.  Place: The brush house

        Event: Coyotito is stung by a scorpion.

        Importance: Juana wants the doctor to treat the baby.

        Event:  The doctor and his priest visit Kino's brush hut.

        Importance: Both want the pearl and a share of the wealth it will bring.

        Event: Kino is attacked twice - once inside the house and another time outside it.

        Importance: He has to hide the pearl because others want to steal it.

        Event: The house is burned to the ground by the attackers.

        Importance: Kino and Juana have lost their home.

   3. Place: La Paz

        Event: They take Coyotito to the doctor's house but are turned away.

        Importance: The poor villagers are treated badly by the people of the town, such as the doctor

        Event: Kino tries to sell the pearl and he is angry at the pearl buyers' treatment towards him.

        Importance: He is determined to sell the pearl in the cities in the north.

   4. Place: The mountains

        Event: Juana hides with Coyotito from the trackers while Kino plans to kill them.

                    Coyotito is killed. Kino kills the three trackers.

        Importance: Kino feels he has lost everything that matters when Coyotito is killed and he is forced to kill as well.