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bullet The whole town knows that Kino plans to sell his pearl in the morning.
bullet Kino, Juana, and Coyotito dress up in their best clothes and leave to meet the pearl buyers. Their neighbours join them on their walk to the town.
bullet Kino's brother, Juan Tomas, walks with him to town but warns him about being cheated.
bullet A pearl buyer offers Kino one thousand pesos for the pearl. This is less than what Kino expected. He feels the pearl is worth at least fifty thousand pesos.
bullet The pearl buyer decides to call three other pearl dealers to inspect the pearl. Kino is very disappointed with their remarks and offer.
bullet Kino storms out of the pearl buyer's office. He believes the dealers have plotted together not to offer him a good price for the pearl. He says he will sell the pearl in the city.
bullet That night, Kino hides the pearl under a stone near the fire in his hut.
bullet He feels restless and steps outside the house.
bullet Kino is attacked again. Juana finds him semi-conscious, his clothes torn and with a deep cut in his cheek from ear to chin. He also has a cut on his scalp.
bullet Juana is worried and claims that the pearl is evil. She asks Kino to throw the pearl back into the sea but again Kino refuses to do so.


bullet Just before dawn, Kino senses movement near him in the darkness. He sees Juana taking the pearl and heading towards the shore.
bullet Angrily, Kino follows her. When Juana realizes that Kino is behind her, she runs to the sea and tries to throw the pearl away.
bullet Kino hits her face and kicks her in the side. He walks away from her.
bullet Suddenly, Kino is attacked for the third time by an unidentified attacker, but he kills the man. Juana hides the body.
bullet Juana and Kino decide to leave at once for the city in the canoe. However, someone has made a hole in the canoe.
bullet When Juana goes home to get Coyotito, she discovers that the house has been ransacked. While she was in the house, the intruders set the house on fire.
bullet Kino and his family go to Juan Tomas's house.
bullet Later that night, Kino and Juana start their journey to the cities in the north, where they hope to sell the pearl. Juan Tomas lends Kino a knife.  


bullet As Kino and Juana travel to the north, they make sure that they do not leave any tracks behind them.
bullet When Kino realizes that some trackers are following them, he no longer tries to cover his tracks.
bullet He then tries to lead the trackers away, but fails to do so.
bullet Kino and his family head towards the high stone mountains.
bullet Kino persuades Juana to hide in a cave with Coyotito.
bullet The trackers decide to rest near where Juana and Coyotito are hidden. Kino knows he must kill them that night.
bullet One of the trackers hears a cry from Coyotito. He thinks it is a coyote pup. He then fires a shot towards the sound before Kino can grab the rifle.
bullet Kino kills all the three trackers.
bullet The bullet from the rifle kills Coyotito.
bullet Kino and Juana return to La Paz.
bullet Kino carries the rifle while Juana carries Coyotito's body wrapped in her shawl.
bullet When they reach the beach, Kino throws the pearl as far out into the sea as he can.