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Is your mind constantly preoccupied on getting back online? Do you find yourself unable to concentrate on your job or on real life relationships? Do you prefer virtual friends to real ones? If your answer is 'YES' , beware, the Internet may be hazardous to your health.

University of Pittsburgh Psychologist, Kimberly Young, conducted an Internet addiction survey and found web junkies share similar problems that parallel other addictions, including loss of control, cravings and withdrawal symptoms which can escalate to academic failure, relationship problems, financial debt and job loss.

The 4 common IAD (Internet Addiction) health problems and how to deal with them.

1 You are a couch potato clone

 Lets face it, sitting at a computer terminal isn't the route to becoming Mr. or Ms Fit Body. Inactivity stamps out multiple health     perks of regular physical activity. Heath solution: Fitness experts recommend 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times a week. Jogging, bicycling and walking provide great outdoor fat burning exercises.

2 You are a glutton for bad foods

Remember the film The Net? Sandra Bullock's character: a computer whiz was in complete isolation and she snacked on chocolate candy and even ordered a calorie laden pizza via the Internet. Healthy solution:  Before you order via the terminal, switch to nutritious brainstorming foods like apples, cauliflower or cabbage, which are rich in the mineral boron.

3 Your back is killing you

People who sit long hours at the computer are prone to become look-a-like hunchback monsters because the body's muscular system tends to get weakened and stiff, explains Dr Ross. Healthy solution: Watch your posture, use a chair that is of the right height: adjust your computer monitor so that you don't have to bend your neck or hunch forward to read the screen and take breaks.

4 Your eyes are super strained

Web junkies can also resemble sci-fi zombies if they are not careful. Overusing the retina can cause redness, burning and even contribute to muscular degeneration. Healthy solution: Ross advises going outside and getting your eyes used to distance vision again, which stretches the lens. Also, the herb ginkgo helps in vision and blood circulation in the eyes. It comes in liquid, tablet and capsule form and is found in health food stores.

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