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Rational Cloze

Read the following passage and then fill in the numbered blanks with best answer.

The Algarve, Portugal's beautiful sunny  beach   is an interesting mixture of __1__old villages and modern __2__ centers with lots of large international hotels. The Atlantic shore is lined with tall cliffs and long sandy __3___. Small fishing villages are clustered round tiny picturesque __4___ full of small colourful boats. __5__ the pace of life is still __6__ and hurried, the Algarve offers plenty of activities for today's holidaymakers - __6__ ranging from golf and tennis to sea-fishing __8__ plenty of first-class restaurants and nightclubs. Shopping is a very popular pastime with most tourists as everywhere there are shops full of attractive local crafts at bargain prices.

1 A asleep            B sleepy        C sleeping                D slept

2 A tourist           B visitor         C holidaymaker       D traveller

3 A coasts           B shores         C   beaches               D lands

4 A towns            B landings      C   places                  D docks

5 A After             B  Since          C  When                   D Although

6 A leisurely       B  slowly        C quietly                  D gently

7 A exercises      B sports          C games                  D matches

8 A but also         B instead of    C rather than          D as well as

What are so tiny that __1__ are invisible to the naked eye yet thrive on __2__ you see, touch and eat and are inside all plants and animals? What __3__ helpful to humans but can __4__ decay and disease? The answer is bacteria (one __5__ a bacterium) - also known as bugs, germs or microbes.

    Bacteria __6__ in a special kingdom of living things called Monerans. Their simple structure makes __7__ neither plant nor animal. Nor are they to be confused __8__ viruses, which also cause disease but have a __9__ structure and cannot reproduce themselves. Bacteria largely rely on being carried around in water or air. You can __10__ bacteria by mere touching. That is why they are said to be dangerous.

1 A it                 B we                  C she                      D they

2 A nothing       B everything     C something          D all thing

3 A is                 B have               C was                     D were

4 A cause          B causes            C caused               D causing

5 A calls            B called             C is called            D was called

6 A place           B placed            C is placed           D are placed

7 A it                 B us                    C your                  D them

8 A an                B with                C again                 D against

9 A differ          B different         C differing          D difference

10 A get            B kill                   C spread              D multiply

Midway between Martinique and St Vincent, the island of St Lucia is one of the __1__ scenic areas in the Caribbean. Its coastline __2__ spectacular and from the beach you can __3__ the volcanic Piton Mountains, each rising to __4__ 24000 feet. Inland, there __5__ remote valleys with dense jungle and many beautiful __6__. The island's lush greenery is caused by the large amount of rainfall. When it rains __7__ usually heavy but sunshine is never far away. The island's volcano is one sight __8__. You can hire a guide to __9__ there or take a boat for the lovely view of the volcano from the ocean. The __10__ areas are beautiful and it is never a good idea to try and hurry anywhere.

1 A such              B much              C most               D nearly

2 A is                   B was                 C were               D are

3 A seen              B see                  C saw                 D sight

4 A few than        B more than      C most than       D  more then

5 A is                   B has                  C are                  D have

6 A river              B waterfall         C waterfalls      D wells

7 A it                    B its                   C its'                  D it's

8 A see                 B seen               C to see             D seeing

9 A take me          B take you        C took you        D takes you

10 A mountain's   B mountains     C mountain       D mountainous    

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