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obsessive                                                                                            without shelter

degrade                                                                                complained or protested

bonny                                                                                            tiny pieces of food

fiddle                                                                                                    great tiredness

severe                                                                                          very healthy looking

 groaning                                                                                              a musical instrument

fatigue                                                                                      having a fixed idea that occupies one's mind

homeless                                                                          make less deserving of respect

grumbled                                                                                           serious and strict

morsels                                                                               making a sound when in pain or distress
















Read these film reviews 

bullet A Bug's Life ( Tanjong Golden Village)

          Featuring the voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and more. This is an embarrassingly simple story told in a brilliant way. A Bug's Life demonstrates the amazing progress made in the new world of computer animation and the potential it has to take movie magic to new heights. The many candy-coloured insects are infused with very human expressions and a nice touch of humour for guaranteed appeal to the whole family.

bullet Can't Hardly Wait (Tanjong Golden Village, Golden Screen Cinemas)

          Starring      Jennifer Love Hewitt     Ethan Embry     Charlie Korsmo

          A crowd-pulling comedy about teen relationships, idiosyncrasies and reconciliation. The unifying force among the teens featured here is something the President of the United States would be proud of. There are great songs featured in this movie.

bullet Crime By Hypnosis (Golden Screen Cinemas)

          Starring     Alex Fong    Cheung Man Chi Cheung Wai Yee

         Harmless for those with time ad money to spare. It tells of a community, a political leader's secret fantasies and the psychotic ex-flame who pretends to help him. Kinky is the word.

bullet Soldier (Tanjong Golden Village, Golden Screen Cinemas)

          Starring   Kurt Russell    Jason Scott Lee Gary Busey

          This film wears strangely been-there-done-that feel, remanding viewers of other futuristic science-fiction films. It is intelligently done but perhaps it lacks originality? It's hard to say. Watch to find out.

bullet Halloween: H2O (Tanjong Golden Village, Golden Screen Cinemas)

          Starring Jamie Lee Curtis Adam Arkin

          A film that tries to be modern yet fails. The sight of Jamie Lee Curtis stalking her tormentor is a little bit tacky, if you ask us.

bullet Mafia (Tanjong Golden Village)

          Starring   Jay Mohr   Billy Burke Christina Applegate

          Stressed out by the daily grind? This over-the-top comedy, that brazenly goes where no other mob movie has gone before, it the ideal solution for a total mental shutdown.

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